Frequently Asked Questions

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8.00 a.m. – 6.00 p.m. Monday to Friday
8.00 a.m. - 2.30 p.m. Saturday

Note: Our Service Centres remain open till 6.00pm on Saturdays as well

On Saturday our Service Centres are open till 6.00pm. On Sundays we open with prior appointment only.

All our service centres have ample parking facilities.

No. We charge for all our services unless there is a special offer. However, our charges are very reasonable.

We keep announcing special offers from time to time. All such offers are advertised in local newspapers. You can also contact our service centres to know if any offer is on currently.

- By maintaining recommended air pressure
- By getting regular Wheel balancing and alignment done to avoid irregular wear
- By Rotating the tyres after every 10,000 km.

This is generally caused due to improper wheel alignment. Regular wheel alignment is recommended to avoid improper tyre wear.

Your tyres need to be replaced when the tyres are worn till the ‘Tread Wear Indicator’(TWI). TWI is located at several places along the base of the tread groove. As per International standards the minimum tread depth on your tyres should be 1.6mm.

Yes we accept cheques if you have an approved account with our company.

Yes. You can reserve the tyres by making a part payment and collect them once the full and final payment is made (Subject to a maximum time of 30 days for making the final payment)

Yes. We invest heavily in state of the art equipment and highly trained man power to provide these services which add value to the performance to your tyres.

It is inflating the tyre with Nitrogen, an inert gas - dry air without oxygen instead of the normal compressed air(which has Oxygen) generally used to inflate the tyre.

Use of Nitrogen to inflate tyres helps to improve tyre performance as the tyres remain relatively cooler during operations. Also the loss of pressure in tyres is considerably reduced.

Balancing is required to avoid vibrations & makes the drive comfortable. It also prevents uneven tyre wear and protects the mechanical parts such as bearings, suspension, steering components etc.

Improper alignment can compromise road handling & vehicle safety besides resulting in very fast wear of the tyres. Regular alignment checks are highly recommended.

Always follow the vehicle manufacturer's specifications found in your vehicle manual or the sticker on your right side door panel and/or fuel tank lid.

Yes. Tubeless tyres are Safer & cooler running besides giving about 15 to 20% extra mileage. Loss of air during punctures is very slow and hence you can reach your destination without stopping. Also the punctures are easy to repair.

All terrain(A/T) is for 50% tarmac and 50% off road application, whereas the Mud terrain(M/T) is for 10% tarmac and 90% mud terrain application.

Stick on wheel weights are normally used for alloy rims whereas the normal wheel weights with clip are used for steel wheel rims.

All tyres supplied by us are of reputed manufacturers meeting international standards. If proper care is taken, you can be assured of good performance.